Autoglove improves hygiene

So what's all the fuzz about?

AutoGloves user-friendliness makes it easy to switch gloves between different hygiene zones in food serving locations. Test customers have described it to be easier to follow hygiene routines with the machine because gloves are so easy to don/remove.

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Eurofins Food & Feed Testing have completed a thorough test of the machines bacterial sterilizing technology. Results from the test show there is significant reduction on relevant bacteria by reuse of disposable gloves made of Nitrile, and Latex.  

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Hygienic routines

To ensure hygienic use of the product, it is important that users follow AutoGloves Hygienic routines, that are made in cooperation with Eurofins Food & Feed Testing. These routines are simple to follow and comply with The Norwegian Food Safety Authority. To operate AutoGlove hygienically, download the manual.

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