Effective and hygienic

AutoGlove wil help you save time, waste and in the end money. This simple guide will show you how simple the machine is in use and how to get started.

Glove use

1. Move hands towards the gloves. The pump will automatically start expanding the gloves.

2. Place hands into gloves.

3. Move right hand towards center to stop the pump.

4.Remove hands from AutoGlove unit. Ready for work.

5. For removal, place hands into the AutoGlove unit where gloves are expanded.

6. Remove hands from the AutoGlove unit.

Glove preparation

1. Place ring onto ring mount

2. Pull glove over entire ring, from top to bottom

3. Lift ring and glove out from the machine

4.Place gloves in the machine

AutoGlove extends the lifetime of disposable gloves in a simple and hygienic manner.

Preparation of gloves is typically done in the beginning of a workday, or if gloves are damaged.

The technology

Produced in quality stanless steel, AutoGlove is manufactured for durability and easy maintainence. The product has successfully completed a test simulating high use in 5 years. This test have been executed by Topro, an experienced producer of mechatronic products.

AutoGlove comes with the industry standard 1 year warranty.

The UV-C lamp is simple to swap. Lifetime of this lamp will vary with the use intensity of the machine. Calculations indicate 5 years lifetime.

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